Scarlett Johansson files for divorce


Yummy+Pop+Grand+Opening+Party+Theatre+du+Gymnase+CCaecxCy4NdxScarlett Johansson, the 34 “Dexter” and “Arthur series” star. Wants is going to divorce from her husband: Romain Douriac, a French journalist. Douriac said that he was shocked by the decision of Johansson.

His lawyer Harold Mayerson, said his client is ready to fight Johansson’s  request for primary custody, (this going to be worse then Brangelina’s divorce). According to Mayerson, Douriac was the primary parent, while Scarlett was working on movies like;   “Something Fishy”.

The former couple married in 2012, in 2014 she gave birth to child and last summer she announced their split.

Two Sisters: Election Night

postere6ec513625a4388f608ade08cea5cc4d4f6d3d27The new installment of the “Two Sisters “ series will be released on the 17th of March. It’s about the the problems between, the two sisters and new president.

Whoopi Goldberg (Patricia) is very happy with the release. She noted: “The first one was a success and managed to gross over a 200 million,let’s hope that this one can do the same on the box office!” There are rumors about a new installment, then Whoopi added; “It’s not ruled out”.

The reaction to the film has been mixed. One civilian really wanted to go the movie and said; “I am a huge Whoopi and Angela Bassett fan, so I think this is going to be great! I do agree with lots of Whoopi’s views and I am a proud democrat “

Another said: “I don’t like her, with her democratic shit, she should shut the f… up”

Anyway “Two Sisters: Election Night”, will  be released on the 17th of March, don’t Forget to vote in the meantime.

Johnny Depp bankrupt

From prada to nada?  Johnny has spend a lot of money, After his divorce with Amber. But it’s not just this year. He has spend a lot of money since 2000.

The over the rain bow star  bought: a $18 million  yacht,  $75 million for 14 houses, which varieted of a French chateau, mansions in Hollywood, island getaways in the Bahamas, penthouse lofts in L.A., and a large horse farm in Kentucky.

In addition to that,  Depp purchased 45 luxury cars and some private planes, and he even employs a staff of 40 people.

Let’s wish him the best and let’s hope that he will return to the hollywood big screen, he hasn’t played in a movie since 2015.111-480x640

Looking Back at 2016

2016 was a year full of great movies, altough there weren’t too many releases the year was pretty decent. With many hits (Arsenal of Freedom, Metro Origins: Scarlett Knight and Horror Days), but unfortunately some dissapointments to (40 Corny Jokes, Olivia Williams, Fart Songs).

Top 3 highest grossing movies of 2016 :

1. Metro City Origins: Scarlett Knight 1,534,166,626 (FB)

2. POwer 1,259,544,152 (FB)

3. Horror Days 957,849,234 (FB)

And then the lowest grossing ones:

1.40 Corny Jokes 89,871,284 (PLS)

2. The Coward 163,321,303 (HP)

3. Olivia Williams 187,081,971 (HP)

And our top grossing studio list:

1.  FB

2. PLS

3. MP

4. HP

5. HFF

NOTE: ALS, 21 CCP,  took a year off, but they will be back 


Voting for the HTG Awards will close on the 19th of February. So we have made our little prediction for the awards.

Best Soundtrack:

In the past year we did have some great soundtracks. Really varying by the way from Tina Turner to Oasis and from Cher to Whitney Houston.


    1. Metro City Origins: POWer


    1. Tina: The movie  


    1. The Bodyguard 

     4. Celebrity Fart Songs 

                                                                                                          Best actor:

Lots of great actors in the past two years. Nicholas Hoult stunned everyone with his role in JSOA. James Franco was a big surprise to me, he does have some talent, but please don’t host the Oscars anymore! 

1. Nicholas Hoult (Justice Society)

2. James Franco (ALF)

3. Daniel Day Lewis (The Gunfighter)

4. John Hamm (POWer)


1. John Cena

2. Verne Troyer

3. Morgan Freeman 

4. Peter Outerbridge 

                                                                                                               Best Actresses:

Zooey Deschanel, is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood the Game data, she’s got the Looks AND the skills, but is it good enough to get her first Yoda? 

1. Zooey Deschanel (Attack of the Fifty Foot Man)

2. Charlize Theron  (Ash Vs. Wiz of Ozz)

3. Whoopi Goldberg  (Two Sisters)

4. Rachel McAdams (Metro City Origins: Scarlett Knight)


1. Anna Kendrick

2. Hillary Swan

3. Emma Stone 

4. Emma Watson 

                                                                                                                  Best Picture:

1. Kids in the Hall

2. Maps on the Wall

3. Justice Society 

4.  Arsenal of Freedom 


1.  Cloudy with a Rain 

2. The Gunfighter

3. POWer

4. Metro Origins: Scarlett Knight 

Huge Outsiders:

Jay, Chris Harmer Mysteries, The warriors, Tornado, Wonder Boy, Something Fishy, Two Sisters, Horror Days and ALF.

Don’t Forget to vote!!!!!